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Call Me Karizma intervista

In arrivo live in Italia il 16 marzo l’emblema degli outcast

Per la prima volta live in Italia, Call Me Karizma sarà il 16 marzo al Legend Club di Milano. Forte di un nuovo album appena rilasciato, è il nuovo fenomeno incontrollabile che sta facendo perdere la testa agli Stati Uniti. Una delle promesse della sovrapposizione di rap, rock e tratti emo, Call Me Karizma è l’emblema degli outcast, con un talento impressionante riconosciuto addirittura dal fondatore della Fearless Records e dalle classifiche Top 200 della Billboard – prima ancora che avesse una label o un manager! Ora, spalleggiato da Thriller Records, è tornato per conquistare chiunque non l’abbia ancora ascoltato.  Scopriamo questo giovane talento in preparazione al concerto, imperdibile!

Many cross-definitions have been used to describe your music, you know how useless they are but how much people need them. How would YOU describe it?

Genres are so blended together these days, but I truly feel that I was one of the first of my generation to not care about labels on my sound of music. I love rapping, but I also love rock music, and I think a great chorus is important as well. All 3 of these factors play into my music, and I think my fans appreciate the diversity and genre-less feel to my songs.

How and where do you compose? Is there a specific instrument you use or does it all just start via making a plan? Do you compose wherever you are or do you build your songs in a studio?

Most of the music I write starts out as a word or idea. Then I use this idea to create a cohesive chorus that is the center of the song’s meaning and purpose. I write music on the plane, my bedroom, the studio, or wherever I feel passionate at that moment.

Both music and lyrics are important in your project. One wouldn’t expect such topics from such a young musician who’s not even thirty yet. How important are they for you?

Lyrics are everything in a song. They always come first when I am writing new music. Most of my favorite artists were lyricists first, and this is also my focus! I want people to remember WHAT I said, rather than just listening to the music in the background of their day.

What do you think of the need to be politically correct that is pervading every aspect of our culture now?

Political correctness has nearly destroyed everything from music to comedy to movies, and really any form of expression. Great art shouldn’t be instantly accepted by the masses, and that’s why I feel my music has taken longer to be worldwide known. My music forces the listener to truly hear the lyrics, and sometimes the words I speak are not the cleanest or digestible, but necessary to start a conversation.

What are your main seminal musical influences? And what do you listen to now that still inspires you?

Eminem is forever my favorite artist, simply because he was a force for lyricism and fighting against political correctness. Without him, there wouldn’t be artists like me. Currently I listen to a lot of Ronnie Radke, Maneskin, and other newer rock bands that are mashing genres to create their own sound. 

We’re waiting for you to come and play live in Europe, and in Italy too! How important is the live music dimension for you, and how do you transfer the energy of your records into it?

If I couldn’t play shows, I don’t think I would still be a musician. Being able to see my fans and perform songs with them and hear their voices is the greatest feeling in the world. It’s hard to describe, but when I’m on stage, the darkness of the world fades away.

Will you be playing mostly songs of the last albums, or some of the previous stuff too?

I have 20+ songs on this set list, and you’ll hear songs as far back as 2016 or so, and as new as my Francis album. You may even hear a song or two that aren’t yet released, so make sure you’re at these shows in Europe and rock out to them before the rest of the world gets to hear!

I also just want to say how much I appreciate everyone coming out to these shows, and streaming my music, and buying merchandise that helps me afford to come over to Europe to sing for my fans and hug them and appreciate their support. Without my hardcore fan base that we’ve built together, my life would be without purpose, and I’m forever grateful for that!

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